1. everybody needs this happy

    from C2C


  2. sharp

    the Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather


  3. inner stillness Maqi dance (unseen: Sorin and Raja)


  4. vast, vast power in the yin

    Miyoko Shida Rigolo's sanddornbalance


  5. spiraling moon dance in honor of the full pink/egg moon and its eclipse

    from NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio


  6. part ballet dancer, part eagle, part grit, “Peace to the blues coming thru us all”

    Dreal from YAKFilms


  7. dancing in watercolor

    "YA-NE-SEN a Go Go" from animator and mask designer Shishi Yamazaki


  8. collective precision and tradition

    Bulgarian folk dance 


  9. Beyonce could take a note from these guys

    dance from Durban, South Africa (click through for Part 2)


  10. dirt and light

    "Horses Never Lie" from Alexander Girshon